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Welsh Finals
Mid-Wales Champions

All products are available on our stall.

Scented Wooden Roses
They smell like roses

Torch Keyrings
Perfect for finding the lock in the dark!

Fart Putty Keyrings
Don't worry, they don't smell as well!

Trolley Tokens
Choose from a Smiley Face or Welsh Flag

Flashing Santa Hats
Festive Fun

Stretchy Men
How far can you stretch them?

Slikk Stall

Slikk buys in a number of items in bulk, and then sells these on to customers either signally or in mass numbers. Most of the products we have to offer are novelty goods, as these are what we feel would best interest the pupils of our school.

            We have bough items to suit all seasons mainly to appeal to people willing to go to Slikk organised events. Slikk has ordered in 200 Flashing Santa Hats for our Christmas Disco, and have sold things such as Scented Roses for Valentines day. As well as these we have also obtained items that will appeal to students all year round. Our most successful product so far has been glowsticks. These have been a huge hit with pupils, with the company having sold over 2000 to date.

            The first items that Slikk bough in were to amuse the pupils during those boring break times and lunches. We bought in many novelty items which have been in the “Yellow Smiley Face” range. These have included whoopee-cushions, stretchy men and cup and ball. These items however do not match up to the success of other items on the stall. Another one of our successful novelty products include Chinese Finger-traps, a tedious and entertaining way to spend your break time.

            Gadgets are also available from the Slikk stall. Torch keyrings are available at 70p, and are perfect for those late nights home when you can’t find the lock. As well as these Fluffy Animal keyrings can be bought for only a pound. These are very humorous, and can brighten up any set of keys. The stall includes Trolley Token keyrings, which contain smiley face logos or Wales flags. These clip off your keys, and can be used in trolleys instead of a pound coin.

            The next venture for Slikk is to aim at the clothing and accessories market. On the stall in the near future we hope to have things such as t-shirts and jewellery. This has been decided due to the success of other accessories. These have included Mother of Pearl Bracelets and Scoobies if you want to make jewellery yourself.

            If you need any details on what Slikk has to offer please visit our stall, as we would welcome any suggestions on what items you would like to see us selling next.



They last up to 14 hours

Bouncy Ball

Chinese Finger-traps
Can you get out of them?

Mother of Pearl Bracelets
They look great

Teddy Keyrings
Wow how cute are these?

Whoopee Cushions
Great for pranks

They fly miles