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Young Enterprise 2006 Welsh Finals

Welsh Finals
Mid-Wales Champions

Slikk boys go to Cardiff!

In June 2006 the Slikk boys travelled to Cardiff to participate in the Young Enterprise Welsh Finals. We earned the right to do so thanks to our killer performance in the Mid-Wales finals, which saw us take home 6 of the 7 prizes on offer.

We left Llandrindod High School early in the morning on a minibus driven by the one an only Mr Gentle. The pupils which went to represent the company were Jack Williams, Jonny Rogers, Dan Oakley, Reece Simmons and David Richardson. Unfortunately Young Enterprise rules said companies could only take 5 members meaning Robbo had to miss out. This in our opinion was a stupid idea as another of the Young Enterprise rules says companies must have a minimum of 6 members!

After a two hour bus journey Slikk arrived at the Cardiff International Arena which was also playing host to Bob Dylan that evening. Once there we set up our stand which many would say was the best there, even if it was a bit hectic. I mean who brought their own CAD CAM machine and 2 PCs. All the lads were looking smooth in our black shirts and gold ties, thanks to Mrs Williams for these you rock!

The judges came round and looked at our stalls with all the boys trying the best to work their charm. In order to win over the judges we put the CAD CAM Machine to good use by making them their own personal coasters (beat that Supernova those were a lot more useful than a stupid map!).

When the day was over we went to find our hotel, The “Future Inn” on Cardiff bay. This was a top-notch hotel and we even managed to sneak Dylan Jones a room as he had helped us with the stall and all that stuff. After we had settled in Gentili and the boys headed out for a night on the town. First we had a meal of fish and chips at Harry Ramsden’s, although a bit greasy we couldn’t complain as it was free. As this was an all-expense paid trip we were having a hell of a time, and up next came free game of ten-pin bowling. The winner of the game was Mr Gentle, a self proclaimed bowling expert although until that day he had not even heard of the game!

Back in the hotel we went to our rooms and started to party like only Slikk know how. With a  bath full of beer and a couple of hyper lads the evening was a good laugh. Another company came for a few but left early due to only reasons Dave could explain. “Those city boys can’t handle their drink”. Dan did the side proud getting totally wasted but we couldn’t fault him for having a good time.

The next morning we had a slap up breakfast which Dan didn’t quite catch. Today was the days of the public viewing, were anyone could view what Slikk had to offer. This took place in the morning and everyone was very impressed with the quality of service we had given to the school. In the afternoon it was time for the company presentations, which took place after a poor effort of a spoof of “The Apprentice” by Richard Wales the head of Young Enterpirse. (Face it buddy you are no Alan Sugar). Slikk’s presentation was in a league of it’s own, and by having videos, satellite links and a few more bribes to the judges we outclassed the opposition. Well that’s what we thought anyway.

After a quick toilet break it was crunch time, the award ceremony. As this went on it became more and more evident that we were not going to win. A company called Supernova won the overall Company Award, the one thing we wanted and would have been our ticket to a weekend in London. All they did was make a map of the M4 and useful places to got, an original idea because lets face it none of us have heard of the Ordinance Survey have we.

The bus journey was a long trip home with all the lads distraught at not winning anything. Suprisingly all the judges came from South Wales, and no North Wales companies won any awards. This annoyed us most of all considering Young Enterprise had not even organised us a business advisor. In our eyes we were unofficially the second best company in Wales and nobody can take that away from us. Nobody can also take away the hell of a time we had whilst in Cardiff were we hope to be the same time next year, only this time coming back crowned Welsh Champions!!

How did we not win with a stall like that?

Us with our stall

Jonny and Dan

One man and his CAD CAM

Look how cool the rooms were!!

Harry Ramsdens

Ten-Pin Bowling

It was a good night

Some statues!!

Yes Dyl was there!!