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Welsh Finals
Mid-Wales Champions

Slikk's own homemade products.


To begin with Slikk only worked on the trading side of the market, this was done in order to make enough money to bring in enough materials to make our own personalised products.

            With Jonny's designs, D & T experts Dave and Reece, and the help of a CAD-CAM machine Slikk ensures that all the products that we produce ourselves are of the highest quality.

            The main materials that we deal with are plastics and vinyl’s, all coming in a range of colours. We aim to make products that are personal to students within the school, ranging from keyrings to stickers. As well as making things that are personal to students we have also made items that are suitable to events in the year. Snowflake keyrings were a hit amongst the students, and we aim to bring out products for other times of the year.

            The most successful personalised product Slikk has done to date in football keyrings. These can be made for a team of your choice, and show the back of the shirt of that team. On this keyring you can have the name and number of your favourite player, or personalise it with your own text.

            We have also tried to help out the teachers with the products that we make. We have photo-frame rulers, which mean that students will not forget stationary, as well as being able to personalise them to suit their taste. Slikk members have also tried to boost the image of the school by making stickers and car accessories. Three Slikk members are going to visit Laney High School, Carolina, and aim to boost the image of both the school and out company with these items.

            All the below items can be specially made individually or in bulk. For more information visit the Slikk stall at Llandrindod Wells High School, or send us an e-mail to