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Welsh Finals
Mid-Wales Champions

There ain't no party like a Slikk Party!!!

DJ Mark's lighting rig

Slikk has arranged many events both inside and outside the school, all of which have been a success.

            The first major event Slikk was found at was the High School Open Evening, on the October 11th, 2005. This was the companies unveiling to the world, with a range of products on sale. The most successful products we sold were the glowsticks, and due to their success are still available today. Other products we sold included gliders, bouncy balls and keyrings. 15% of all the proceeds from this night went to charity, showing the Slikk generosity.

            The second event Slikk was found at was a month later, at the Trefonen Primary School bonfire night. Four members helped out with this event, and a stall was set up. At this we sold glowsticks to the general public which was a huge success. We would like to thank all the people at Trefonen School who made this night possible, and we cannot wait to see next years display.

            The first major event Slikk did was on December 14th 2005. This was organised with our rival company “Saska” (don’t ask how they got that name), and everything went smoothly. We planned to arrange the first school disco for one and a half years, and this required a lot of preparation. This event was hugely welcomed by the pupils of Llandrindod High, with the chosen theme being Christmas based. Around 250 people turned up, with ten great teachers helping out on the night. At the disco there was a professional DJ, a Slikk stall, a Saska stall (only sold two products which speaks for itself!) and most importantly the Slikk Grotto. Here pupils had to crawl through a maze in order to have there photo taken with Becky, our Mrs Santa. A big shout out must go to Dylan Jones, who took all the photos and printed them off. The main feature of the disco however was the Snow Machine, which Slikk had paid for itself. This was shot off the stage into the crowd, and was greeted by many “Slikk, Slikk, Slikk…” chants. This was a massive event, and we hope that pupils of the school would be interested in coming to other Slikk events in the future. Also thanks to everyone who bought a Flashing Santa hat, as they were great.

            Due to the success of the Christmas Disco, Slikk was then let loose to run a disco of their own. This was held on February 14th; yes you’ve guessed it Valentines Day. Held in the school this event was on a bigger scale than the previous disco. This event took a lot of organising, this time we had to buy all the products ourselves. Two hundred balloons were brought in, as well as five hundred fresh glowsticks and two hundred scented roses. The disco started at seven and lasted until ten. The main attraction was DJ Mark, a better DJ than the last with a class lighting rig covering the whole stage. As well as this the two hundred and fifty people who passed through the doors also witnessed the launching of thirty confetti cannons, which covered the hall.

There were more people at this event than the last, and we at Slikk would like to thank all the people who made this event possible, including teachers as well as pupil Bill Field, Ieuan Hughes, and Dylan Jones.

            Slikk hopes to arrange more events in the future, and an indoor football tournament may be on the cards. I you have any suggestions on what we could do next please send us an e-mail, or see a Slikk member in your school.


Year 12 know how to party

Slikk Ravers

Valentines Disco

Give Way for Phil Draper!

Company mascot, Jelly Belly

Preparing for the big night

Robbo was very tired