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Jonny Rogers

Welsh Finals
Mid-Wales Champions

Managing Director



Jonny Rogers                                  

Company Role                     

Managing Director

What you basically do       

Keep everyone organised & sack people

Favourite Product              

Santa Hats

Favourite Event                   

Valentines Disco

Least Favourite Product   


Biggest mistake Slikk have made                       

5 a-side Football Tournament

What will you spend your money on

Holiday to Wilmington, North Carolina

Comment about Saska


Why did you do Young Enterprise?

Looked good fun

Will you do Young Enterprise next Year?


Most intelligent member?


Least intelligent member?


Funniest moment

1 million to clean the floor! Supposedly

Favourite business teacher

No comment

Yo, I’m Jonny Rogers and I am the Managing Director of Slikk. Basically that means I am the boss, but I try not to be too bossy! My role is making sure everyone has something to do and try to dabble in a bit of everything that is doing so I have I good idea of what is going on, and also signing all the cheques and stuff like that. Unfortunately I don’t get paid more, but that’s OK as long as we make more money!!


I was the main person in charge of running the two discos, and had to go to many boring meetings to get them sorted. However, big ups to my boys for pulling them off, without the rest of the lads Slikk would be like Saska! Seriously, they are a great bunch of mates to be working with and it is a great team effort that gets Slikk going, crucial to the success of the business.


I also designed the football shirt keyrings with Driver Dave and feel these are the coolest products we have at the moment. The best products we bought were the glowsticks, we’ve sold so many! Thanks to everyone who has been to a disco or bought a product or both, makes it all worthwhile in the end.


Keep an eye out for future Slikk products and events!


Slikk it baby!