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Reece Simmons

Welsh Finals
Mid-Wales Champions

Operations Director



Reece Simmons

Company Role                     

Operations Director

What you basically do       

Make sure everyone is doing what they should

Favourite Product              

Trolley tokens

Favourite Event                   

Valentines disco

Least Favourite Product   


Biggest mistake Slikk have made                       

Hiring Abi Hodges

What will you spend your money on?

A hair cut (not!)

Comment about Saska

Too easy (no pun intended)

Why did you do Young Enterprise?

Looked fun

Will you do Young Enterprise next Year?

As long as the other 5 do it

Most intelligent member?


Least intelligent member?

Matt Hudson

Funniest moment

Jack squirts paint in his face

Favourite business teacher

No comments (You know who)

Yo I'm Reece

Hey I’m Reece (AKA Special Officer Doofy) and I am the Operations Director of Slikk. I am a key person in the company in that I keep moral up with my sense of humour which only few find funny. My job is to make sure that processes are going smoothly. To be honest the Slikk boys make a great team. This is unlike the other girls group (who shall not be named on this sight) who spend most of their time fighting. To be honest I am so glad that I was given the opportunity to become a member of Slikk as it has been so much fun, and has made my friendship better with the other lads involved.

            I would also like to say thanks to the teachers as even though they have guided me in the wrong direction on several occasions they are still a good laugh. Keep an eye out for Slikk in the future.



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